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English for ESOL in Ireland!

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Business English and adult English courses!

Intensive English Language Courses in the Summer

Intensive Language Programs Better for Learning

There is no better time to learn the English language than in the summer! And why exactly would you want to learn the English language if it is not your native language? Well, English is the international language of business and entertainment. If you want to be successful, you need to know the English language. As the world continues to globalize and international trade continues to increase, knowledge of the English language will become mandatory so it is time that you start learning the language and becoming proficient in it. 

If you want to learn the English language in a fast and effective manner, then an intensive English language program is the perfect option for you. An intensive language course which can also be referred to an immersion course is the best way to improve your language skills because it is results orientated. If you would choose to follow an intensive English language course in the summer, you can be guaranteed that by the end of the summer, your English language skills would have improved. Here are some of the reasons why an intensive language course is so effective.  


Immediate Results

Because it is fast and effective, it is also motivating. As you see results, you will be motivate to work harder and as such you will learn the language faster. Read More...

English course for professional adults

Efficiency in learning

One of the main lessons we all learn when we grow up is: time is money. And another important lesson is, of course, the English language is the gateway to the whole world. Without proper proficiency in speaking and writing in English, much fewer options will be available for us, for making friends, going on a journey, learning stuff and, of course, making money.

So if time is money, and English is money, what could be better than mastering the English language in a short time and an efficient way? People have started to realize the true importance of optimizing our learning time, and that is how Intense English courses are born. There are many different methodologies for learning any language, but experience shows that the best way to incorporate and remember vocabulary, grammar and pragmatic knowledge is the natural method. Read More...

English classes one on one

Group learning

Human beings are gregarious by nature. We gather in groups and help each other achieve things in life and for society. There is little we can do on our own, but when we join larger groups, we can achieve much more and go much farther. All big things that have happened in human history are the result of combined efforts of countless men and women who fought for the same cause and struggled to reach the same goals. The same thing counts for smaller groups. Projects can be taken much easier to an end when several people work on them. This isn't just because the effort adds up, but working together actually improves the results because people pull potential out of each other. It's in this social synergy that we can surprise ourselves on how far we can get.

The power of human groups has for long been exploited to improve our learning experiences. Truth is, we naturally learn from each other. We look at each other, mimic behaviors and remember experiences. The social feedback helps shaping us, and possitive rewards that come from our peers are often much more powerful than the ones insitutions provide. Good groups boost our learning experience. Read More...

English courses for all the family

We're never too old to learn

English is an amazing language that will open up huge possibilities for you, whoever you are. If you are a kid, it's a great time to get started with it, because learning languages is still very easy and natural at your age. But it doesn't mean that you can't learn English because you are older! Teenagers and even adults can make their first steps, deepen their knowledge and ultimately master their English skills. It could be a little bit more of effort, but it's definitely worth it. 

A few years ago, English wasn't as important of a language as it is now. Other languages, such as French or even German, were studied as well in schools and universities around the world. However, globalization and informatics have connected all the world together in a very active network of constant flowing - information, people, job opportunities, art, products and services, everything comes and goes in the glimpse of an eye. New possibilities open up for everyone, regardless their interests, talents and areas of expertise: there is stuff to do for everyone. However, you must share a language through which you can communicate; otherwise, there is a few range of opportunities you can actually take. Read More...

English courses for Spanish people

Language as a cultural bridge to bring people together

Learning a new language is rarely a matter of simple fun. People who engage the study of a new language intend to open their communication to others. We often underestimate the importance that language has in our lives, but the truth is that we are always using it to get by and share ideas and thoughts. Try to imagine for a moment how many times a day you read a sign, a magazine, some text on TV or the Internet, even the brand name on a soda can. Also, you are listening and talking all the time, asking for things, hearing new information, chatting, communicating in hundreds of different ways. You can do all of that because you can understand the language. Now, if you are living in your country of birth, as most people are, or at least are in your comfort zone where you share the language and culture, it's child's play to understand everything around you. However, the world is wide, and full of opportunities and experiences. Conquering new languages is a must for a fluent communication that will enrich you as a person and allow you to have all these new experiences.

All big projects come to life when people can communicate. Think for a second about the tower of Babel, and how the project failed because all the workers couldn't speak the same language. Learning new languages is the opposite of building the tower of Babel. Great things can happen when people can communicate. Those who understand this, are acquiring new language proficiency that will allow them to make successful and productive contact with one another and work together to learn new things and make big projects come true. Read More...

English school with a golf course

English language lessons with golf

An English language course on the golf course!!

This is definitely the way to go if you are trying to combine pleasure and study, especially if you are studying a language. And especially if we are talking about learning English, al language that requires so much practice rather than grammar practice. Read More...

Cursos de ingles para toda la familia

Nunca estamos demasiado viejos para aprender

El inglés es un idioma sorprendente que abrirá enormes posibilidades para quien quiera que seas. Si eres un niño, es un buen momento para empezar a trabajar con él, ya que el aprendizaje de idiomas sigue siendo muy fácil y natural a tu edad. Pero eso no significa que no se puede aprender Inglés porque seas mayor. Los adolescentes e incluso adultos pueden hacer sus primeros pasos, profundizar en su conocimiento y en última instancia, dominar sus habilidades en inglés. Podría ser un poco más de esfuerzo, pero definitivamente vale la pena.  Read More...

Curso de Ingles para profesionales

La eficiencia en el aprendizaje

Escuela de Ingles con un campo de golf

Idioma inglés lecciones con golf

Imparare la inglese alloggiando in famiglia

La rivoluzione informatica ci ha permesso di comunicare in tempo reale in qualsiasi parte del mondo, di accedere ad un sempre maggior numero di informazioni e di conoscere una miriade di opportunità per la nostra vita e per il nostro lavoro. Lo scambio di informazioni nel contesto attuale, sempre più globalizzato, rende oggi più che mai indispensabile la conoscenza delle lingue, specialmente dell’inglese. Read More...

Clases de ingles

El aprendizaje en grupo

Clases de Ingles por Skype:

Las clases por inglés presenciales son muy diferentes a las por Skype, pero realmente no se puede decir que una es mejor que la otra, sino más bien que hay ventajas y desventajas en cada una de estas modalidades.

La clase presencial requiere el desplazamiento, ya sea del profesor (a la casa del alumno), o del alumno a la academia. Esto lleva tiempo y también un coste, de gasolina o transporte público. 


¿Necesitas aprender inglés? ¿Sabes cuál son tus necesidades? ¿Tienes información sobre

todas las alternativas disponibles?

Todos sabemos la importancia que tiene hoy en día el poder hablar otros idiomas de
caraa nuestra vida personal y laboral. A la hora de aprender inglés, podemos
encontrar diferentes alternativas más o menos económicas con diferentes métodos de
aprendizaje. Es difícil asegurar cuál de todas ellas es la mejor y por ello no es fácil
decantarnos por una u otra.A continuación tenemos una lista con los mejores
métodos de aprendizaje que podemos encontrar.
 Método Berlitz:

Este método trata de hacer hablar y pensar al alumno en otro idioma desde la primera clase.
Esto favorece un aprendizaje natural y rápido. Para ello, los profesores utilizan una serie de técnicas que permiten enriquecer su expresión gradualmente e intentando aplicar una
gramática intuitiva. El método Berlitz cuenta con más de 135 años de experiencia y más de 550 centros en más de 75 países.

Podemos encontrar diferentes tipos de cursos: Clases particulares, clases en grupo, clases online, cursos para empresas, campamentos de verano y cursos en el extranjero.

 Método Callan:

Este sistema consiste en aprender por repetición, lo que facilita la rapidez de aprendizaje. Se centra en el aprendizaje de nuevo vocabulario, más que en la gramática, lo que facilita aprender más rápido el idioma.
En el método Callan se prioriza la conversación, pronunciación y comprensión auditiva.
Normalmente las clases se imparten sin papel ni boli, solo hablando.
Debido a la ausencia de gramática, no es recomendable para gente que tenga un nivel
intermedio o alto de inglés, pero si es una metodología perfecta para estudiantes con un
nivel bajo.

En la actualidad este método se utiliza en 25 países del mundo.
Teacher Methods
 Método Kaplan:

Ofrece cursos de inglés en el extranjero a partir de 2 semanas de duración a estudiantes de todo el mundo en más de 40 escuelas de inglés. Una buena manera de descubrir nuevas culturas y conocer gente de todo el mundo alojándote en casas de familia o residencias y participando en las actividades sociales organizadas por Kaplan.
Con este método podrás adquirir fluidez en inglés, mejorar tu perfil académico y aumentar tus perspectivas profesionales.

Kaplan ofrece diferentes tipos de cursos: intensivos, combinados, año o semestre
académico en el extranjero, programas profesionales así como preparación para certificados oficiales.

 Pueblo inglés:

Pueblo inglés nos ofrece la alternativa de inmersión lingüística sin necesidad de viajar al
extranjero. Se trata de casas rurales, situadas en entornos rurales, donde puedes rodearte de nativos procedentes de todos los rincones del mundo y prepararte para practicar inglés más de 15 horas al día.

La sencilla fórmula de Pueblo Inglés es una de las claves de su éxito: hacer convivir durante 8 días a unos 20 angloparlantes, llegados de todo el mundo, con otras tantas personas como tú, interesadas en hablar y mejorar su inglés.
Learning tips
 Inglés en casa del profesor o Homestay:

Esta metodología permite una enseñanza más personalizada, con la ventaja de poder
practicar el idioma durante todo el día en un entorno de habla inglesa. Esto incluye: clases intensivas, inmersión lingüística desde el primer momento, pensión completa.

Estos programas son ideales para personas que dispongan de poco tiempo y quieran
mejorar rápidamente como, por ejemplo, el inglés en el entorno laboral y para todas aquellas que busquen una alternativa al método tradicional de aprendizaje en grupo.

La desventaja que podemos encontrar son los precios, ya que se trata de cursos más caros.

 Glossolalia:

Glossolalia se basa en las técnicas Superlearning y Sugestopedia, a través de las cuales se aplica el nuevo vocabulario y se promueve el uso del mismo con efecto inmediato.

A través del empleo de los sentidos, vista, oído, tacto, olfato y gusto, el alumno aprende una mayor cantidad de información útil en el menor tiempo posible, en comparación a los
métodos tradicionales de enseñanza.

Como novedad, utilizan ejercicios de relajación en la sala de cine, donde los alumnos siguen asimilando conceptos a través de proyecciones audiovisuales. También se realizan
actividades al aire libre donde el alumno puede poner en práctica los conceptos aprendidos durante el día.

Disponen de instalaciones en Mallorca, Andorra y Roma.
Communicative Method
 Curso de inglés de negocios Business)

Estos cursos están enfocados a profesionales que quieren perfeccionar el nivel en el idioma además de complementarlo con un vocabulario más enfocado al mundo profesional. Read More...

Gaining Language Proficiency with Immersion Courses

How language is becoming both a need and a chance

In prior articles, we have largely discussed the importance of a mid to high proficiency level in English. We have described how it allows people to communicate around the world, close commercial and non-profit deals, learn more about all fields of expertise, exchange ideas and points of view, make new friends, travel, study, work and progress in life. It pushes back the boundaries of what we can do, and for this reason, everybody should develop their language proficiency, especially when it comes to English, present day's universal language.

Educational institutions and country governments are starting to see the importance of this. Language learning isn't just an option for a better future, but rather a need that is created in modern times. With millions of people relocating every year, be them refugees, voluntary expats or go-getters, it becomes necessary to study different languages for the sake of social inclusion. Education can be the difference between a marginal life that can only lead to crime and poverty, and a successful career or job history.  Read More...

Business English courses

Learning English for all purposes

We have already discussed all the applications of the English language in our modern society. We have described this language as a great tool for work, a window opened to opportunities, and an excellent medium to communicate with people around the world. We are describing a global trend that has been around for quite a while, and will probably still be valid for a long time. English is the language of the world, and many people know this as well as you do now.

English schools around the world are flooding with students who want to master this language for very varied purposes. English-speaking countries with a high level of immigration, such as the United States, and the United Kingdom to some extent, have become very cosmopolitan nations with people from dozens of different countries of the world, many of which do not speak English well - or even not at all - seeking to build a life and a future there. It hasn't become uncommon to see parents from other nations who have a hard time understanding their own little kids, who spend time with local kids and learn their languages as naturally as children do. This is yet another factor that forces adults into learning the local language. Read More...

Intensive English Courses

The Most Recognized and Used Language

The English language is the only globally recognized and used language. Irrespective of your geographical location, the continent you visit or the country you are planning to step in to, English is your only and best buddy! 

Language for a human being matters a lot. Without it, one cannot even think about expressing himself. The better is your command over the language, the better you will be able to communicate and express. This is why people all across the world who do not have English as their first language are always on a look out for courses to learn or improve their English. Read More...

One to One English Courses

A global language

There are many languages around the world, and each one of them has its unique features, words and grammar solutions. They are part of our cultural heritage as human beings, and they allow people to communicate with each other, share ideas and create new things together. However, they can also be barrier, because we can't exchange our thoughts when we don't share the same language. In order to establish cultural and economical bridges between all people in the world, we must find a way to share the same language, and that's the role that English has taken. 

People from almost all the countries of the world study English in order to get ahead, access new educational and job possiblilities, expand their cultural experience and open up doors to new people. It's a process of personal growth that is sometimes overlooked, and it shouldn't be. Luckily, more and more people from all educational levels and social spheres are starting to see the true importance of mastering the English language, or at least acquiring enough proficiency to make use of it in order to reach their goals or even imagine new ones. People flow to English academies and courses, and every year millions of students engage in the study of this language. This has created a rising demand in English courses and institutions must face said demand with proper offers of qualified techers and proper study programmes. However, not in all places there are all needed resources available for this purpose. This is originating a constructive crisis and new demands must be met via an internal institutional reorganization. Read More...

English Language Coursrs in Ireland

English in Ireland

One of the most amazing things about the United Kingdom is its incredibly rich and varied cultural heritage. The nations that today are part of it used to be very distinct settlements, with their own language, their own stories and their own people. We even used to fight very passionately in the past, and now for powerful reasons we have unified under the Queen. However, each place has its own story, its own heritage and its own personality. 

The English language was introduced in Ireland a few centuries ago, and later it would become the most widely spoken language in both Northern Ireland and the Republic. From the many ancient langauges spoken in the land of the Celts, Irish has survived and is now recognized as an official language in the Republic of Ireland. There are schools, TV broadcasts and websites which use the Irish language.  Read More...


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