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English school with a golf course

English language lessons with golf

An English language course on the golf course!!

This is definitely the way to go if you are trying to combine pleasure and study, especially if you are studying a language. And especially if we are talking about learning English, al language that requires so much practice rather than grammar practice.

What could be better than some morning, obligatory study, with the promise of afternoon enjoyment of your favoured activity.

favoured activity

There are various English language centres that offer the opportunity to learn English combined with a special activity such as marketing and golf.

There are also options to learn English in the home of an English language teacher.

MovingOn Courses offers the combination of living in the home of your teacher and the possibility to play golf while you continue to practice English with your teacher,

There are a several golf courses near our centre. You can walk 10 minutes and enjoy some golf on the coast. Alternatively we can take you to any golf course. There are  golf courses within 20 minutes drive of our home.

There is no shortage of rain in Northern Ireland which explains why there are so many opportunities to play golf. Obviously a game of golf under the Australian sun can be a lot more tempting but that will not be in the home of your teacher and if it is the English course will be a lot more expensive.

Consider this list of golfing options, all available near Bangor in Northern Ireland.

Although we can offer some incredible golfing options we wish to concentrate on English language experience we offer.

Firstly, you live in our home which means a total English immersion. This one with a twist due to the religous nature of the school but maybe you get the language and the religous experience.

Secondly, we do not offer one to one classes unless you really wish to receive private classes. Our cheaper alternative is classes of 4 students although the average is only 2 students in class.

Please let us know if you require golf lessons with a professional as we need to organise this with the golf professional a long time in advance.

The two obvious alternatives to our English course combined with golf:

Live in the house of a teacher

This is effectively what you do with MovingOn Courses with the difference that we have a team of English teachers to help guarantee that there is motivates English speaking staff available to chat with students all day. No guarantees that we can have an intelligent conversation about golf but we will certainly still be there to correct all your languag mistakes.

A course that is purely for people who wish to study English and golf

This sounds ideal but please remember you will inevitably have to spend time and money travelling to you academy.

This type of course generally requires a minimum number of students.

Your afternoons are either for playing golf or nothing. We offer total flexibility.

Please note that we are not tied to any golf course or professional. We are also available to take you to any golf course in the afternoon or indeed at the weekend. We also have a special deal with Bangor cabs so transport is available permanently at a low cost

We would much prefer you to try all options available rather than be tied to one particular links or indeed one particular teacher and one particular type of class.


 golf courses near our centre

 golfing options, all available in Northern Ireland

 English immersion.

 Bangor cabs

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