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English for ESOL in Ireland!

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We're never too old to learn

English is an amazing language that will open up huge possibilities for you, whoever you are. If you are a kid, it's a great time to get started with it, because learning languages is still very easy and natural at your age. But it doesn't mean that you can't learn English because you are older! Teenagers and even adults can make their first steps, deepen their knowledge and ultimately master their English skills. It could be a little bit more of effort, but it's definitely worth it. 

A few years ago, English wasn't as important of a language as it is now. Other languages, such as French or even German, were studied as well in schools and universities around the world. However, globalization and informatics have connected all the world together in a very active network of constant flowing - information, people, job opportunities, art, products and services, everything comes and goes in the glimpse of an eye. New possibilities open up for everyone, regardless their interests, talents and areas of expertise: there is stuff to do for everyone. However, you must share a language through which you can communicate; otherwise, there is a few range of opportunities you can actually take.

So, why not start learning English right now? It's never too late and it's always worth it. Don't let your lack of time or your fear of "being too old" disencourage you. Of course you can learn English! You just need to find the right course with the right people and the right methodology. Good news is that, learning English is so requested around the world that thousands of schools have developed very varied teaching schemes so anyone can find something that fits their preferences and convenience.

There is no excuse to dodge this chance. There is too much in the world that you could reach with a little bit more of language proficiency. Start learning English today and see how much the world can actually give.

Learn English with your family!

Yes, exactly as you read. Your whole family can improve your langauge skills at the same time. The traditional learning scheme implies you going to a classroom, listening to a lecture, doing some excersises, and then going home. But, as stated above, these schemes are now diversifying and there are many new - and fun - ways to learn English. MovingOn Courses offers a great chance for families who want to step up and walk out of school speaking fluent English. You could use it for later family trips to foreign countries, or just as a way to be together while learning and improving your language.

English courses for all the family are being offered all year long, though summer courses are a favourite because people who still go to school have much more free time. MovingOn Courses offers intensive English courses for all the family. There are plenty of options, so you can choose what's best for you. Good news is that family groups actually get up to 15% discount, depending on the number of members who will be taking classes. If not all members of your family are interested in the classes, they can still join you in the daily afternoon trips to points of interest that the course offers, or simply enjoy their stay at Cork, where the course is held. Intensive but fun learning ensues for your family with MovingOn Courses!


Families who take intensive summer courses will have accomodation available at university dorms. The school offers many options, from a whole apartment for the family, to splitting the family so each member can share an apartment with other students of the same age. The school allows students to pick what they like best but recommend to split and share with other people, so the family members are less tempted to speak in their mother tongue and rather have to practice even more communication in English.

Courses during the year have a different scheme. Families will arrange a homestay at their teacher's house in North Ireland or Spain. There, they will receive classes and practice English, because they'll share all day long with their teacher. 

Speaking in English all day long is a great way to improve your language skills. You'll have to practice what you've learnt during the day, both in the classes and in the afternoon trips. This could sound tiring, and it somehow is, but the school guarantees that you will walk out of the course with a higher proficiency in the English language thanks to all your effort.

Learn English in real life situations!

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