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Efficiency in learning

One of the main lessons we all learn when we grow up is: time is money. And another important lesson is, of course, the English language is the gateway to the whole world. Without proper proficiency in speaking and writing in English, much fewer options will be available for us, for making friends, going on a journey, learning stuff and, of course, making money.

So if time is money, and English is money, what could be better than mastering the English language in a short time and an efficient way? People have started to realize the true importance of optimizing our learning time, and that is how Intense English courses are born. There are many different methodologies for learning any language, but experience shows that the best way to incorporate and remember vocabulary, grammar and pragmatic knowledge is the natural method.

What's the natural method, you may ask? Teachers and pedagogists have found that we should learn any language the way we learn our first language: by getting immersed in a world with real life situations, one after another, and everyone speaks that language even if we don't understand it yet. We will hear and read, and start incorporating words and sentences. This learning should be optimized even more with the help of native teachers who explain to us all we need to know, correct our mistakes and guide us. 

Here is an example of an English learning program in the United Kingdom with native teachers and a combined approach of traditional classes and natural learning.

Moving On Courses

This is a language school in the UK where you will find exactly what you need to learn real English real fast. It offers short weekly courses in small groups - 6 students tops, but usually around 3 - where you really get to know each other and your teacher. In the morning, students sit for regular classes where they can incorporate grammar, vocabulary and excersises. At lunchtime, you will eat with your teachers, and only speak English. As much of a bother as this could sound, it's actually great not to have a break with the language. You will be forced to practice all day long, with your teachers by your side to guide you and correct your mistakes, and at the same time you will be constantly exposed to different accents of English. You will learn faster than you've ever dreamt of!

In the afternoon, there are trips on private cars that show you around the main spots. You will walk around different locations with your group and engage in actual conversations in English where you will use all you've learnt, as well as learn new things in the process. This is great to actually incorporate practical knowledge on how to do things in real life, which is usually terrifying for students that stick to traditional classroom-only schemes. 

At the end of the day, students and teacher gather around, usually in a pub, to discuss what has happened during the day and reinforce some of the lessons. This way, you can make sure you'll never forget all you've learnt during all those hours of intense work.

Professional English courses

Moving On Courses also offers specialized courses for expert English. This option is great for professionals who do not have much time to spend in neverending classroom lectures or eternal advanced English textbooks. The school has expert native English teachers in many fields and can arrange special classes for you to improve particular vocabulary. Also, Business English courses are offered, centered in all you need to know to speak with international customers or coworkers. 

A sector of Moving On Courses' staff are registered practitioners that prepare students for Prince2 courses. These are very valuable for many companies, so it is never a waste of time to make some investment and go to these classes. They will increase the competitivity of your resume when looking for new jobs or positions. 

Students of professional English courses are encouraged to join the regular courses as well. It is always better to learn in groups, even if the schoool still offers individual classes upon request. All of these are, of course, conducted by experienced native English teachers, which are in fact from different areas of the United Kingdom. This allows the students to be exposed to different accents and dialects. Now they can forget about those uncomfortable moments where they try to speak to a stranger but they just can't figure out their tick Irish or Scottish accent. Being exposed to different dialects is very enriching for your language skills.


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