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Group learning

Human beings are gregarious by nature. We gather in groups and help each other achieve things in life and for society. There is little we can do on our own, but when we join larger groups, we can achieve much more and go much farther. All big things that have happened in human history are the result of combined efforts of countless men and women who fought for the same cause and struggled to reach the same goals. The same thing counts for smaller groups. Projects can be taken much easier to an end when several people work on them. This isn't just because the effort adds up, but working together actually improves the results because people pull potential out of each other. It's in this social synergy that we can surprise ourselves on how far we can get.

The power of human groups has for long been exploited to improve our learning experiences. Truth is, we naturally learn from each other. We look at each other, mimic behaviors and remember experiences. The social feedback helps shaping us, and possitive rewards that come from our peers are often much more powerful than the ones insitutions provide. Good groups boost our learning experience.

Individual learning

We have specifically stated that good groups boost our learning because not all of them do, especially in a classroom. Messy, loud, crowded classes can actually be a huge obstacle for learning. We all have had the experience of not understanding a lesson or trying to catch the teacher's attention, but getting lost in the crowd and overlooked. Sometimes, the class goes too fast and we miss things, and we can't understand the following lessons; others, we understand the subject while the teacher is still trying to explain it to other classmates, and we get bored and pulled back. 

On the other hand, individual lessons are, by nature, tailored to our very needs. The teacher accomodates to our own pacing and focuses on our learning capacities and interests. There is no chance that we make a mistake and it goes unnoticed; the teacher will follow us closely and make sure that we incorporate all lessons properly. We don't get distracted or dragged by other classmates, we just experience one optimized learning session after another.

For those who want to get initiated in the English language, improve it, or even master it, individual learning can be a great choice, or at least a great complement for grupal classes. Taking private English classes is encouraged when you want to reinforce certain lessons, or if you have a particular interest that your class doesn't share. As intensive courses go, individual classes are the most intensive learning experience that you can get in a classroom. 

Combined learning

As the old saying goes, if you go alone, you'll go faster, and if you go in groups, you'll go further. Taking private lessons with your own teacher could get you speaking basic English In a month but, on the other hand, you will miss a lot of experience that comes from interaction. Talking to other people and sharing moments actually improves your memory and your practical comprehension of the language. After all, the purpose of language is communication, and there is no communication if you are on your own.

Good language academies understand the importance of both grupal learning and individual learning. This is the case of MovingOn Courses, a British language school that offers a combined learning scheme for those who want to take advantage of both systems. Even if they have the staff and structure to provide individual classes, they always emphasize the importance of grupal classes and real life trips in a completely English speaking environment. Students can choose to complement such grupal classe with tailored one on one classes or take an extra individual course. 

Individual classes are also very useful for experts who would like to deepen their knowledge on the English terminology in thir fields of expertise. MovingOn Courses possesses a staff of native expert English teachers who can help you complement your general learning course with the vocabulary and linguistic turns of your discipline. Business English courses are also available for small groups - 6 people tops, average 3-4 people -, this service is usually provided to companies who want to train their employees into handling inernational clients and relations. 

There isn't really a learning scheme that fits everybody. Some are more into group classes, some are optimized by individual, one to one classes. The best choice is usually either a grupal scheme or a mixed scheme, but every student should choose what makes him or her more comfortable.

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