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Learning is one of the most valuable life skills that you will ever use. Your mind is like a sponge, able to absorb so much, even things that you don't even realise you are taking in! This is even more so for children. At a young age they take in so much information and can understand more than we expect! With a great big world out there it is so important to make sure that they are getting as much out of life as possible and developing above and beyond. We all want our children to aspire for great things so why not give them a head start and help the process along early by helping them to learn and reach their full potential.

Learning can be boring. When you ask a child to simply read from a textbook it can seem dull and uninteresting, which often makes them not want to do it. This results in poor performance and underachievement. Children love to have fun, so why not incorporate that into their education and make learning fun! Make learning fun by use of illustrations, colours, team work and class participation. Bring music into the mix and real life scenarios. The classes that they will remember are the ones where they didn't even realise that they were even learning, so go for fun and out there activities to really make them smile!

Aston Academy is a fantastic source for all your educational needs. We provide many mazing activities, games, worksheets and tips and tricks that your child will never be bored of fun ways to learn!



If you are a parent and would like your child to get some extra curriculum into their routine then why not provide them with some activities yourself. Although what the school system offers is definitely enough, some parents want their child to excel above and beyond what is expected. Other parents may be worried that their child is slightly behind and for that reason would want to give them some extra fun learning. Maybe you homeschool your child and are in need of some educational inspiration. Whatever the reason, Aston Academy is the perfect solution for you!



If you are a k-12 teacher then of course you will already have a wealth of materials provided to you by your school or left over from your training. However many teachers find that when they have taught the same lesson over and over, year in and year out, they want to try something a little bit different and freshen things up a bit! Aston Academy is a great way to find classroom materials, which are appropriate for a range of class sizes and abilities!



If you are a child who wants to learn more, or your parents have told you that you need to, then come aboard the Aston Academy fun site! There are loads of interactive games, puzzles, quizzes and activities for you to complete online at home! You can keep scores and even send them to your friends!


Hear from others

I'm a teacher and sometimes I find it really difficult to think of new and exciting ideas for my class. Aston Academy have some really fantastic resources that I love to use. I'm a happy customer!

By Lisa Munroe

Aston Academy are a really great source for all kinds of learning materials for kids. I often want to set my children extra work so that they can develop as much as possible, and I always find great stuff on the site!

By Debbie Howell

Whenever I need a new idea for my class I always go to the Aston Academy site. They offer loads of great downloadables which are absolutely free and the kids always love them! Thanks Aston Academy!

By Gary Marcus